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Facility Use Agreement


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Conditions of Use
  3. 3. Signature
  4. 4. Rental Procedure
  • Step One

    1. It is the City of Cudahy's desire that all patrons who periodically use a City of Cudahy building, room, land, auditorium, gymnasium, arena, stadium, field, or other City of Cudahy property ("Facility") are able to enjoy the Facility. This agreement has been set in place to achieve this goal.
    2. The Person signing this agreement and the organization on whose behalf the Facility rental is being made (Collectively the "Renter") are responsible for compliance with this agreement. All renters are required to read and sign the Facility Use Agreement as part of the rental. Please read carefully, fill out Facility, renter, and event sections, initial at the bottom of each page, and sign in the signature page at the end of this document.
    3. Facility Information & Location*
      Please Select the desired location
    4. Renter Information
    5. Event Information
    6. Including set up and clean up
    7. Will minors be present?
    8. Will there be an admission fee charge?
    9. Will there be music?
    10. If selected yes, please denote below the type of music it will be.
    11. Will food be served?
    12. Will food be sold?
    13. Will the event be open to the public?