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Camp Cudahy at Lake Arrowhead


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    1. Camp Cudahy

      General Camp Overview

      The city of Cudahy is proud to announce its partnership with the city of Commerce to bring Cudahy residents a summer camp experience. Camp Commerce is a year-round organized youth and family camp owned and operated by the City of Commerce. Residents are able to sign up year-round for a variety of camping sessions for youth, families, and senior citizens. Camp staff organizes a variety of programs and activities to meet all campers' needs, from active programming to sitting around and enjoying the fresh pine air.

      Located a quarter of a mile from beautiful Lake Arrowhead and Lake Arrowhead Village, the camp has an array of outside activities available. The camp program provides bus transportation to and from the camp, local transportation, meals, and cozy sleeping accommodations. The camp has ten two-story cabins, a lodge, a pool, and basketball and volleyball courts.

      Camp Location: Camp Commerce  

      465 S. Highway 173

      Lake Arrowhead, CA  

      Cost: $50.00 per child.