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Citizen Recognition Award Nomination Application

  1. 1. Information of individual or organization submitting the nomination.
  2. 2. Information of individual or organization being nominated.
  3. Criteria for selection

    • The nominee performed, created, or developed an activity and/or public service (volunteer or other) that positively enhanced and/or impacted the City of Cudahy; or

    • The nominee contributed to the community through an act, achievement or service that directly or indirectly advanced the opportunities and/or benefited others in Cudahy; or

    • The nominee has demonstrated a clear commitment and/or civic pride by performing an outstanding act or achievement or by rendering distinguished service to the improvement of Cudahy; and

    • The nominee is a stakeholder, child/dependent of a stakeholder, or a student enrolled in a school within the boundaries of the Cudahy and

    • The nominee is NOT an active Cudahy council member or a member of the immediate family of active Cudahy council member.

  4. 4. Please list two references (with contact information) not related to you or the nominee who can verify the above information:
  5. Please return your application to the Parks and Recreation office through:

    Email: or

    4835 Clara Street, Cudahy Ca 90201

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