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Military Hometown Heroes Program





    About the Program

    The City of Cudahy Military Hometown Hero Banner Program is a tribute created for the community to honor fallen service members, veterans, and active-duty personnel of the United States Armed Forces. Military Hometown Hero Banners honoring our service members will be proudly displayed throughout the City of Cudahy as a way for our community to express its appreciation and gratitude for their service to our country. In order to allow for a coordinated and consistent program, the City has established the following guidelines for the Military Hometown Hero Banner Program. 



    Program Eligibility

    To qualify for the Military Hometown Hero Banner Program, the following criteria must be met:

    • An active, retired, or honorably discharged member of any of the six United States Armed Forces service branches (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, and Space Force); AND
    • A current City of Cudahy resident; OR

    An immediate family member of a current resident (parent, spouse, sibling, son, or daughter)

    Proof of eligibility will be required to consider the application complete.

    • Proof of residency: copy of the most recent utility bill and driver license of the  nominee or applicant who is the immediate family member of the nominee; AND
    • Verification of enlistment dates (e.g., copy of military orders or military ID); OR
    • Honorable discharge or retirement papers with SSN redacted (e.g., DD214)


    There is no cost to applicants for this program.

    Banner Locations 

    The City has designated the use of 14 poles (28 banners) on Atlantic Avenue (between Florence Avenue to Cecilia Street), as the initial location for this program. Future locations may be identified by the City at a later date depending on the popularity of the program. Available space is determined on a first-come, first-served basis among qualified applicants. All banner locations shall be determined solely by the City.

    Banner Style and Display

    The City has determined the below specifications for the banners. The specifications and design of the banner are at the sole discretion of the City and can be modified at any time.

    •  24” x 54” Double Sided, 18oz. Waterproof & UV safe 


    • The Military Hometown Hero banner application will be solely online which may be obtained from the City of Cudahy’s website at or you may contact the City Clerk’s Office at (323) 773-5143 to obtain the application in a different format.  
    • Applications will be accepted at any time by those who are interested.  The City will make every effort to have banners installed by November of each year. However, this is at the sole discretion of the City and is based on the availability of City Staff, resources, and staff scheduling for installation and removal. 
    • A waiting list shall be established based on the date of a complete application is received in the City Clerk’s Office. In order for an application to be considered complete, all supporting documentation must be received and verified by the City. 
    • Applicants will be notified by City staff once application and supporting documentation are verified.
    • Banners will be displayed for a period of one year, at the end of the banner display period, banner will be returned to honoree. If there are no service member’s waiting for space, there may be an opportunity to remain up for additional time.  All banners unclaimed within 30 days of removal will become the property of the City of Cudahy.

    Selection Process

    Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first service basis. Priority will be given to those honorees who currently reside in City of Cudahy.

    Waiver and Limitations 

    Any loss or damage to an installed banner will be handled at the discretion of the City. The City reserves the right to not install a banner if the requirements of this banner program are not met.

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