Land-Use Entitlement Process

In each zoning designation, some land uses are permitted by-right, meaning only a business license or building permit is needed with the Planning Division. Other uses require a public hearing and approval of a planning entitlement, such as a Conditional Use Permit, Design Review or Development Review Permit, for example. This page was developed to assist residents, business owners, and developers through the City's planning entitlement process. 

Step 1: Check Zoning & Consult with a Planner

Before signing the lease, purchase property, or begin the development process, first be sure to determine the approved uses (zoning) for the property against the Zoning Map. You may contact the Planning Division through email at [email protected] or call 323-773-5143 to help you determine if your project generally conforms with the City's Zoning Code and what entitlements and/or permits may be required. Depending on the complexity of your project, staff may recommend a "Pre-Application Review." This review will allow the Planning Division to consult with other City staff such as the Building & Safety Division, Engineering Division and other outside agencies including the LA County Fire Department and Sherriff's Department. 

Step 2: Prepare Plans and Consult Professionals 

Once you've gathered all the information needed to begin the process, it's time to prepare plans for your project according to the requirements of the "Entitlement Project Application." It's a good idea to consult professional architects, engineers, etc. to assist you with project management. Planning staff is available to review the

Step 3: Application Submittal 

Submitting your application plans and making the required deposit starts the completeness review. Once you submit the application, you will be assigned a project manager who will coordinate the necessary reviews by distributing your application submittal to the appropriate City divisions. During this phase the goal of the 

Step 4: Staff Review of Application for Completeness and Environmental Review 

Applications will be reviewed within thirty (30) days of a complete application submittal. Staff will examine the application material and notify you in writing that the application is accepted as complete or that is it not complete and additional material and/or information is required. All applications are reviewed in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Staff will also examine the application material and determine if the project qualifies for an exception or if further environmental review is necessary. 

If Staff determines your project is not complete, "incomplete", the applicant will receive a incomplete letter detailing the required corrections. The  applicant must review the correction letter and make all necessary changes to the application submittal. Once the applicant re-submits the project material, staff has thirty (30) days to review and determine if the application is complete. Depending on the complexity of your project, you may receive multiple incomplete letters. 

Step 5: Public Hearing by the Planning Commission and/or City Council (if required) 

Depending on the planning entitlements and/or permits, you may be approved administratively without a public hearing by the Community Development Director. If your project requires a public hearing, the application packet must be deemed  complete prior to scheduling the hearing with the Planning Commission. The decisions of the Planning Commission could be approved, approved with conditions, continued or denied. Decisions are rendered by the Planning Commission based on the required findings established for each entitlement type in the Zoning Code and General Plan. 

Step 6: Appeal Period 

The decision-making body's action is subject to a 10-day appeal period. If the project is appealed through the Planning Commission decision, an appeal will be heard at a City Council public hearing. ALL CITY COUNCIL DECISIONS ARE FINAL. 

Step 7: Entitlement Granted, Notice of Final Action Issued

If not appeals are received, Staff will issue a Notice of Final Action granting the entitlements.