General Plan

General Plan (Adopted 2018):

The General Plan provides policy guidance to create the future we believe in and to implement our vision. Cudahy 2040 is intended to provide an enlightened strategy for the future development of our community – a strategy that values our history, unique character, and future potential. The Plan will enhance the quality of life for current and future generations; the Plan strives for sustainable use of resources now and in the future. Cudahy 2040 relies upon implementation programs to provide specific guidance that will lead to the goals and policies’ fulfillment. Through the General Plan’s implementation and the continued involvement of an engaged community, we will create a reality out of the future we imagine, the future we believe in, for Cudahy. The Cudahy 2040 Vision and Guiding Principles encapsulate the community’s -- residents, businesses, and stakeholders -- collective ideas and concepts for the community’s future.

Cudahy 2040 General Plan


“Cudahy is an engaged, passionate community that embraces its cultural diversity and strives for economic and environmental sustainability, while raising residents’ standard of living. Cudahy intends to enhance its neighborhoods and create community spaces to serve current and future residents.”


Preserve Cudahy’s small-town feelDevelop and distinctive character for Cudahy
Foster Cudahy’s family-oriented values and lifecycleSpark and strengthen economic prosperity
Strengthen community collaborationImprove multimodal mobility and safety
Recognize and celebrate Cudahy’s rich cultureProtect and enhance community health and environment

Annual Report

The General Plan Annual Progress Report is a document that provides a yearly report of the progress that has been made in implementing the various elements of its General Plan. The report covers the period from January through December of each calendar year. A number of important projects and programs were carried out during the year to continue to make Cudahy an attractive and desirable City.  

Housing Element

The Housing Element within our General Plan is the city’s chief policy document on housing issues and this document is required to be updated every 8 years. A Housing Element provides policies and programs that address issues such as the balance between employment and housing, preserves existing housing stock, increases affordability for all segments of our community, and provides opportunity sites for new housing as our population grows.

  1. Additional Housing Element Documents