2022 - 2026 Strategic Plan

Planning Process

In late 2021, Management Partners conducted individual interviews with Council members and key staff to hear their ideas about the future of Cudahy, understand some of the impacts from the Covid-19 pandemic, and discuss priorities for ARPA funding. Management Partners then developed a survey for community members and another survey for businesses. Both surveys were also offered in Spanish and deployed on the City’s website. A total of 993 residents responded to the community survey and 20 businesses answered the business survey.   

The responses were used in preparation for a Council Strategic Planning Workshop held in May. The workshop included the Mayor, City Council members, and department directors. During the workshop, City leaders and staff worked together to discuss a vision statement and goals and strategies to guide the City into the year 2026 and beyond. 


This Strategic Plan includes six goals to make Cudahy stronger and begin to achieve the vision to which the Council and staff aspire. The goals are: 

  • Community services (including programs and activities for all ages)
  • Social services
  • Housing security and affordability
  • Financial stability and transparency
  • City infrastructure and service delivery
  • Communication and outreach

Up until 2026, Cudahy leaders and staff will work to implement the goals and strategies in the plan. Important next steps will include preparing a thorough and detailed plan of implementation based on priorities and the budget needed to support the implementation plan  The Strategic Plan is meant to be a living document. Therefore, the goals and strategies should be revisited regularly and updated as needed. As priorities change or are adjusted over time, the plan should also reflect those changes. 

2022 - 2026 Strategic Plan: Implementation Action Plan Updates

Developed to assist City of Cudahy staff with the phasing and scheduling of goals and strategies in the 2022 – 2026 Strategic Plan. Its purpose is to enable staff and City leaders to set priorities, timelines, and assignments for each of the strategies included in the Strategic Plan. Essentially, this plan is used to keep track of progress on the four-year Strategic Plan. 

2023 Implementation Action Plan Presentations 

Quarterly Updates