Planning Commission


  • Time: 6:30 PM
  • Date: Every third Monday of the month
  • Location: Council Chambers at Bedwell Hall
    5240 Santa Ana Street
    Cudahy, CA 90201

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Commissioner Appointed By Term Expires Contact
Gustavo Mendez Lomeli Dec. 2024 [email protected] 
Krystal Markovich C. Gonzalez Dec. 2026 [email protected]
Richard Corvera-Hernandez Alcantar Dec. 2026 [email protected]
Yessica Alvarez Fuentes Dec. 2026 [email protected]
Vacant J. Gonzalez Dec. 2026 N/A

Established by state law, the Planning Commission’s primary function is to study proposed developments that may have an impact on the community’s growth and environment. This commission ensures that proposed developments will meet the City of Cudahy’s technical, environmental, and aesthetic standards. The commission holds public hearings to review plans to ensure they comply with the city’s zoning regulations and general plan for development. The Planning Commission also recommends the City Council for the regulation of the future growth, development, and beautification of the city, including:

  • Recreational development such as parks and playgrounds
  • Recommend approval or denial of discretionary permits including Development Review, Conditional Use Permits, Variances, Planned Development and Specific Plans.
  • Recommend approval or denial of amendments to the General Plan, Zoning Code Text, and Zoning Map.
  • Recommend approval of denial of Development Agreements.
  • Plans for the future growth and development of the City in order to provide proper and adequate public utilities, sanitation, and other commercial and residential services
  • Recommend approval or disapproval of subdivision and tract maps for the division of real property within the City and to approve and recommend the annexation of real property to the City.
  • To make suggestions and recommendations to the City Council from time to time concerning the future needs and growth of the City, including the location and development of public and private buildings, structures, and grounds, and to recommend from time to time, upon request, the locations, architectural design, and use of buildings, structures, or works owned or controlled by private parties to be erected or maintained in the City
  • To recommend the City Council or other public officers of the City the location, architectural design, and use of public buildings, structures, and works controlled by the City or other political subdivisions within the City and to recommend the adoption of building restrictions and ordinances or codes restricting the use of property in residential, industrial, commercial and other zones within the City
  • To consider and make recommendations on any proposed ordinance or resolution referred to the commission by the council and to investigate, suggest, and make recommendations on any matter submitted to the commission by the city manager or Council for consideration and recommendation.